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Version 0.2.2 More CTF maps, some fixes DEVLOG-

Re-version 0.2 different fixes, powerup (1st of many), new menu, new level. Devlog

0.2 Lighting, new level, various bugfixes.

Version 0.1.7, full graphic revamp. Tons of new things. Patch notes & devlog @

Another day another build! Now has 3 levels *SHOULD* work with 2 gamepads, various bugfixes.

.exe does not work on windows 10 for me.

Well crap, that's terrible! I use 8.1 and haven't seen any issues, perhaps I will upgrade my dev machine.

I am building a windows store version today, unsure how long the approval period is, but I will let you know once it is there.


It's in the windows store as battle bash lite

New version 5/1/16! Today's enhancements include a splash screen and menu, new music, one more level, and the ability to win.

Please try it out and let me know what you think!